Philippe Wicht

This is the website of Philippe Wicht, performer, actor and director, containing videos, photos and information about his performances, music, future projects and contact.

Rock Opera

Premiere at Arsenic - Centre d'art scénique contemporain, Lausanne
22-25.11 2018

Espace Nuithonie, Fribourg

The anticipation is finally over! The ROCK OPERA by the spectral figure Böse Wicht—the evil double of the artist Philippe Wicht—is coming to Arsenic. As the big boss of an obscure firm, Böse Wicht invites us into his phantom zone in order to expunge the “business” of an era exclusively attached to former successes. Fear of failure, a reality ever more disembodied from its materiality, the pressure to be original… How can we reconcile morality and politics so that the idea of success is based upon true self-realisation? By transfiguring music video and fashion culture into a dark and mystical experience, Philippe Wicht celebrates the citizens of tomorrow, their bodies and their freedoms, through dance and song.

Design © Cetusss

Concept & Böse Wicht
Philippe Wicht

Julien Alembik
Chienne de Garde
Christophe Jaquet
Ernestyna Orlowska

Music Böse Wicht
Production & Mastering Clive Jenkins
Fashion Forbidden Denimaries by Mikael Vilchez
Video Lauren Huret
Design Cetusss
Lights Edouard Hugli
Sound Vil Zollinger
Sheets Malvin Suarez
Administration Marion Houriet & Noa Zalts
Co-production Böse Wicht Zone / Arsenic - Centre d'art scénique contemporain
Support Canton de Vaud / Pour-cent culturel Migros / Ville de Genève / Ville de Vevey / Loterie Romande / Fondation suisse des artistes interprètes SIS