Philippe Wicht

This is the website of Philippe Wicht, performer, actor and director, containing videos, photos and information about his performances, music, future projects and contact.


Festival Belluard Bollwerk International 2016, 23.06.-02.07 2016., fribourg
KLARSICHT // SKILT FESTIVAL 4, stadtgalerie und progr hof, 29 of July 2016, bern
Manifesta - Europe Biennal of Contemporary Art, Cabaret Voltaire, 5 of August 2016, Zürich
We Find Wildness / notitles 3, exhibition curated by Sophie Yerly, 10 of september 2016, Soulce (jura)

Concept, music & performance
Philippe Wicht

Lighting & Scenography
Cetusss (Baptiste Lefebvre)

Clive Jenkins

outside eye
Christophe Jaquet

Stéphane Frein

Böse Wicht Zone
Festival Belluard Bollwerk International

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