Philippe Wicht

This is the website of Philippe Wicht, performer, actor and director, containing videos, photos and information about his performances, music, future projects and contact.

5 ways to help emerging artists get noticed

Festival Mon Inouïe Symphonie, Dunkerque (2015)
OT301, amsterdam (2015)
Foyer des Artistes, La Manufacture-HETSR, Lausanne (2015)

Philippe Wicht

Philippe Wicht and Giordano Rush

Adina Secretan

böse wicht zone

"Have you ever wondered why some people seem to easily get noticed while others just consistently struggle? Do you need recognition but you don’t know what self-promotion strategy is the best for you and your work? Philippe and his team can help you to become the artist you really are and to give to your art the place it deserves. In the past years, he has been observing the level of interest of different audiences and the bad beliefs and convictions we all have about the art world. Are you ready to question your inner perceptions? Are you ready to listen to one of the most talented artistic motivators? And the most important question of all: are you ready to STAND OUT?"